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We are a family owned business focused on providing the highest level of personal service, and we've been serving Woodward, OK and its surrounding communities for over 75 years.

 Our Staff is always happy to help you, and you won't find a friendlier bunch around!

Devine's Stationery

Kevin Devine - Owner

Judy McGoon - Administrative Assistant

J.C. Gilliam - Salesman

Stacey Devine - Clerical Office

Janice Hammans - Customer Service / Clerical Office

Patsy Phillips - Customer Service

Devine's RadioShack Dealer

Pat Devine - Owner

Chris Devine - IT Services Manager

Andy Devine -  Commercial /Home/Mobile Audio Sales and Service 

Dillon Devine - Consumer Surveillance/Security and Musical Supplies/Services

David Holcomb - IT Support Staff / Customer Service

Dustin Harmon - IT Support Staff / Customer Service

Stacey Devine - Customer Service